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National Cancer Survivors Day is June 4th

June 2, 2017
National Cancer Survivors Day is June 4th

Each year, we celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day on the first Sunday in June. June 4th, 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of this tradition. National Cancer Survivors Day has grown to include not only hundreds of communities in the United States, but countries across the globe.

A Celebration of Life

The official theme of National Cancer Survivors Day is “Celebration of Life,” which honors those who have survived cancer as well as encompasses their family members and friends, medical professionals and support staff, and international researchers.

In addition to recognizing the many people whose lives have been affected by cancer, including the 15.5 million survivors in the United States alone, this day of awareness was founded with the following purposes in mind:

  • To celebrate those who have overcome cancer.
  • To inspire those who have recently been diagnosed or who are currently undergoing treatment.
  • To support survivors and families through networking, and sharing achievements and milestones.
  • To reach out to the broader community in order to raise awareness about current research, legislative needs, and the unique challenges cancer survivors face.

Raising Awareness for Survivorship Challenges

Thanks to medical advancements and better early detection, more Americans survive cancer than ever before. However, the effects of cancer are long-lasting and extend far beyond treatment. As more survivors navigate life after cancer, awareness has increased about some of the challenges they face.

Survivors often deal with ongoing post-traumatic stress and fears of cancer returning, developing secondary cancers, economic hardship and lost wages, changes in social relationships, and challenges accessing or affording life insurance and health care. As we celebrate survivorship, National Cancer Survivors Day also empowers and supports the survivorship community in these areas of need by turning attention to the value of ongoing support and advocacy.

To find out how to organize an event in your own community, click here!

Visit the official website of National Cancer Survivors Day here.

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