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We are Central Illinois’ leader in cancer care and we believe that developing a comprehensive treatment plan to meet individual needs is the best way to fight disease and focus on the individual.

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National Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November 22, 2016
National Lung Cancer Awareness Month

As of 2016, 27% of all cancer deaths are a result of lung cancer. November is lung cancer awareness month. By increasing the awareness of lung cancer, its diagnosis, and risk factors we can all reduce that 27%. Approximately 1 in 15 people will get lung cancer at some point in their lives. That’s one every 2.5 minutes. Here are some ways you can help

If you were ever diagnosed with lung cancer you know that horrible moment, hearing that word “cancer”. A lot of people believe that only smokers get lung cancer, however, this is not the case. By changing the face of lung cancer through sharing your story you can encourage others to receive screenings especially if there is a history in the family.  Share your story on social media by printing out these fact sheets from Lungevity. You can also make your own using a template.  Don’t forget to hashtag #changelc. Here are some of the American Cancer Society’s survivor stories.

lungcancerIt is important to educate yourself and others on lung cancer. Lung cancer treatment is far more effective when the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage. Not all lung cancer shows symptoms, but some will. Here are some symptoms of lung cancer that should push you or a loved one to get a screening just in case:

  1. A cough that won’t go away
  2. Coughing up blood
  3. Weight loss
  4. Wheezing
  5. Hoarseness
  6. Chest pain during laughter
  7. Frequent bronchitis or pneumonia
  8. Weakness

There are three types of lung cancer. Around 85% of lung cancer cases are non-small cell lung cancer. Subcategories of this type of cancer include squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, and large cell carcinoma.

Small cell lung cancer accounts for between 10% and 15% of all cases. This type of cancer often spreads quickly.

Lung carcinoid tumors make up less than 5% of cases. These tumors grow slowly and are unlikely to spread.

Community Cancer Center is a joint venture between OSF Healthcare and Advocate BroMenn Medical Center, Our facility ensures the highest quality cancer care for patients in the community. Community Cancer Center  has technology like a TomoTherapy, Varian True Beam STX for stereotactic radiology. Our center has over 100 volunteers who strive to make the patient experience the best it can be. Most of these volunteers are cancer survivors themselves.

Community Cancer Center is located at 407 East Vernon Avenue in Normal, Illinois. To find out more about our services, give us a call at (309) 451-8500 or visit our website.

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