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What Kind of Bird Would You Be?

October 17, 2019
Shermian Woodhouse
What Kind of Bird Would You Be?

Sometimes a little humor does wonders to move beyond fear. This was one of those situations. Ms. X was disappointed with what was found in her breast when she had her surgery. There was more cancer there than what her tests had shown. So, unfortunately, despite the best of efforts, her breast could not be saved.

She needed more surgery. She needed a mastectomy (to have the breast removed). Disappointed with the news, she simply disappeared for several weeks without moving forward with taking care of her health. She was scared and simply could not and did not want to face the decisions ahead of her. Finally, she returned to see me. We had a heart-to-heart talk and she agreed to follow the standard of care and have her surgery.

As we were talking, she said to me, “My nickname is ‘ostrich’. I always have my head in the sand.” We both started laughing and I said to her, “You cannot be an ostrich anymore. Besides, why would you want to be an ostrich? Pick a different bird.

How about an eagle or a peacock?”

I guess something stirred within her to give her new courage. She went directly from my office to the surgeon’s office to book the date for surgery. I was so proud of her.

If you could be a bird, what kind of bird would you be? Would you be an eagle so full of confidence and courage, flying high above the clouds, seemingly ruler of the heavens? Would you be a graceful hummingbird darting swiftly from flower to flower drinking all the sweet nectar that the world has to offer? Would you be an owl seemingly so wise? Or, would you
be a sparrow, simply content to be.

Whatever your choice make sure, in your own way, you soar!


‘Til next time,

Dr. Woodhouse 

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