Depending on the services you receive at the Community Cancer Center, you may be billed by more than one medical practice.

There are some payments that may be required from you at the time healthcare services are provided, such as insurance co-pays. If you have insurance coverage, your insurance carrier will be billed soon after services have been provided. Health insurance may help cover some of the costs related to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Whatever type of insurance you have, you want to get the most from your plan. You will receive the best services if you know the benefits, coverage and limits of your plan. If you have no insurance coverage, you will be responsible for payment.

Each medical practice at the Community Cancer Center has a financial specialist who is available to answer questions about health insurance coverage related to your cancer care. For additional assistance with identifying financial resources for cancer care expenses, contact the social worker at (309) 451-8500.

For questions regarding insurance and billing, please contact your physician’s office directly.