Researching and Finding Specific Information

The Resource Center at the Community Cancer Center provides timely, authoritative, high quality healthcare information. It is one of the many resources available to our patients and their caregivers to enhance the quality of care.

The Resource Center, located on the first floor of the CCC, provides comprehensive, up-to-date information through its books, magazines, CancerHelp Online Patient Resource and internet access.

Patients, family members and friends are encouraged to visit the CCC to assist them in their research and information gathering as they learn about their disease and diagnosis. Information is available on a variety of types of cancers, medical tests, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, alternative medicine, spirituality and support. Our wonderful collection of cookbooks to enhance dietary/nutritional education is not to be missed!

Easy access and self check out makes our Resource Center incredibly user friendly. Please stop by and take a look. Our volunteers are always available to assist you or provide additional information.

CancerHelp Online Patient Resource  is the easy-to-use touchscreen program with trusted information from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Visit our CancerHelp Kiosk located in the Resource center or go to